From 0 to 100k monthly revenue

How Instill's platform and growth methodology helped a creator grow beyond social media to launch a successful online studio and achieve life-changing income in only 6 months.


  • An European creator with great success on social media wanted to launch a platform but was afraid people wouldn't get interested in the content and needed help not only to build the tech but also to create a business plan
  • Instill developed a comprehensive strategy involving branding, website, customized platform, and launch campaigns to attract, convert, and retain subscribers.
  • Launch was a success, acquiring an expressive amount of the creator's audience.
  • After a few months, Instill provided new features and a growth strategy to support the launch of a Nutrition section. This helped double the revenue.
  • The platform quickly became her main source of income, with $ 100k of monthly recurring revenue.
  • Her social media evolved from being the primary content distributor to a platform promoter, where she has total creative control and no dependence on algorithms to achieve an ever-increasing level of revenue.

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The Case

A creator with great success on social media, hundreds of thousands of followers, and a prospering business realized that more could be done. Even though she was prospering, her passion for content and hunger for growth made her visualize a more empowering and engaging experience for her audience.

That meant having her very own platform representing her voice, vision, and beliefs.

However, there were natural doubts regarding the initiative. Questions like: "Will my audience follow me?" " What will they think of this initiative?" or "Why would they pay if they already have, on some level, the content for free?"

These were all very reasonable doubts that we often encountered. But, at that moment, we at Instill focused on her perfect profile, which we were looking for: dedicated, creative, growth-seeking, and looking for a life change of the same scale she already promoted on her base.

Time to get to work.

Building The Platform

The first thing we did was map out what need to be done to secure a good and scalable business of wellness content creation. So, we brought in our multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, marketers, and product managers.

That meant starting a branding initiative, carefully working on visual representation and positioning so the platform wouldn't feel like another website or something pre-established but an extension of her voice —almost like a natural step for her followers on the path to a healthier and purer life. In practical terms, that meant logo, design, copywriting, etc.

Of course, the branding work happened at the same time that Instill was developing her platform. Our team combined the features that would potentialize the content and create a more user-focused experience. That meant a perfect video player with features regarding schedules, programs, challenges, and more.

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The one essential thing you need to be ready to launch is a perfectly functioning platform. But you also need to warm up your audience, or else you will present new content to no one.

For this launch, we applied a social media strategy that combined different elements and messages to get people excited about the upcoming platform and take the front row. This approach was potentialized by the strategic use of paid media, using wise investment in Ads - in this case, Google Ads and Instagram Ads.

The results was an outstanding performance that got twice the number of early subscribers first predicted. The audience became a community. Any doubts the creator had were gone, and a new moment of her life was in the first chapter.


This case's story could end here, but after going live, you need to keep engaging your audience and thinking, "What more can we give?".

A great indicator that your community's asking for more is when a plateau is reached - business is doing fantastic but at a different speed than it used to.

Due to our continuous growth mindset, we always empower our creators to overcome plateaus by providing them with strategies that can be directly applied to the business.

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One strategy applied in this case was creating a new social media profile exclusively for the platform. It sounds simple, and it is! The results, however, were effective and outstanding. Not only did it bring more subscribers, but it also became a new influencer on its own, with a good number of followers and engagement.

We also prepared something that could be considered almost like a second launch, launching the Nutrition section of her platform with recipes, meal plans and an AI-powered Recipe Shopping List Feature.

All of these growth techniques helped the creator perform better in every aspect, increasing ticket sales and the value of the experience in general. To put it plainly, revenue doubled again in three months.

Let's Scale!

Being a partner of Instill means we will be working with you to make you grow. We work closely with you so you can transform lives, create a healthier world, and an ever increasing revenue source you control and can depend on

Our unique combination of cutting edge, customizable platform and growth services and expertise can make your online studio take off.

Our journey with this case's creator is only in the beginning, and we will go all the way. More features, more growth, and even more personalization at scale powered by AI.

With a successful online studio making over $100k in monthly revenue and growing, social media became a way of connecting and promoting instead of the main revenue generator.

By partnering with Instill, she has complete creative and financial control of the content created and a genuine connection to the community she has fostered.

If this is a journey you are hungry to live, your content business is just one click away from entering a new phase. Get in touch with our team and let's scale!

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